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Social Security Identity Theft Reporting

Taxonomy Code: FN-1700.3200-780

Programs that provide a hotline, website or other mechanisms that people can use to report the theft of an individual's Social Security number, which can be used to get other personal information. Identity thieves can use a person's Social Security number and their good credit to apply for more credit in their name. Then, they use the credit cards and don't pay the bills, damaging the victim's credit. The victim may not find out that someone is using their number until they are turned down for credit, or begin to get calls from unknown creditors demanding payment for items they never bought. Someone illegally using a person's Social Security number and assuming their identity can cause a lot of problems. The number is confidential. The Social Security Administration protects people's Social Security numbers and keeps their records confidential. People should be careful about sharing their number, should ask why their number is needed, how it'll be used, and what will happen if they refuse.

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