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Special Animal Permits

Taxonomy Code: DF-7000.8280

Programs that issue permits which authorize people and/or institutions to keep protected animals (including carrier or homing pigeons, doves, poultry and other livestock, captive-bred ducks, geese, swans and other animals indigenous to North America or exotic animals from elsewhere) on their property as pets, for rehabilitation pending release to the wild, or for research or business purposes. Included are falcon permits which allow an individual to possess raptors for the sport of falconry, salvage permits which allow an individual to pick up dead birds/feathers or other animals, sale and disposal permits which allow an individual to sell protected birds and animals, and taxidermy permits which allow an individual to preserve and mount protected birds and animals for persons other than themselves. Also included are livestock permits which allow people to keep domestic livestock including equines, bovines, sheep, goats and llamas; multiple animal permits which allow people to keep more than a specified number of dogs, cats or other listed species; litter permits which authorize the whelping of a specified number of litters per female dog or cat; cat colony permits which allow people to become authorized caretakers for groups of feral cats; and permits that operators of a circus, rodeo, animal exhibit, or other similar entertainment must obtain before they are authorized to bring designated species of animals into a city.

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