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The Service Tree lists all services in "branched" groups, starting with the very general and moving to the very specific. Click on the name of any group name to see the sub-groups available within it. Click on a service code to see its details and the providers who offer that service.

Immigrant Visa Application Filing Assistance

Programs that assist in filing petitions by aliens who are seeking admission to the United States with the intention of residing in the U.S. on a permanent basis. In most cases, a relative or prospective employer files the immigrant visa application on behalf of the individual. Certain applicants such as investors, workers with extraordinary ability and certain special immigrants may petition on their own behalf. Petitioners apply for a specific immigrant classification for the beneficiary, e.g., priority worker, spouse of a lawful permanent resident and, when the petition has been approved, wait until a visa number becomes available.

Nonimmigrant Visa Application Filing Assistance

Programs that assist in filing petitions for permits which allow foreign travelers who will be in the United States for a temporary period of time to present themselves to an immigration official at the border for admission into the country. Nonimmigrant visas are obtained at a U.S. Consulate or Embassy outside the United States, classify the visit according to purpose (e.g., tourism, business), and designate a period of time within which the individual can travel to the border of the U.S. and seek admission. Visas are often valid for multiple visits during a specified period of time. Temporary visitors must have a valid passport from their own country which is stamped at the time of entry, and may be required to maintain a foreign residence and demonstrate a means of financial support. Individuals from qualified countries, as defined in the Visa Waiver Pilot Program, may enter the country without a visa. Individuals holding a nonimmigrant visa may file an application to extend their period of stay or request a different nonimmigrant status.

Relief from Removal/Other Immigration Relief

Programs that provide assistance in applying for lasting immigration relief for aliens filing petitions with the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services. Also included are organizations that provide a defense for aliens who are involved in legal proceedings, held in Immigration Court, in which the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement seeks to show that the individual no longer has the right to remain in the United States because they have entered the country illegally, have overstayed their authorized admission, have violated immigration law, have committed a crime, have made a false claim of U.S. citizenship or meet other criteria which constitute grounds for removal. The defense generally involves a specific form of relief from removal, relief from exclusion or relief that applies, by statute, to special classes of aliens.

Rights Counseling for Undocumented People

Programs that provide information and guidance for people who have entered and remain in the U.S. illegally. Counseling usually focuses on their short-term needs; their rights regarding housing, employment and public benefits; and the agencies that will assist them despite their undocumented status.