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COVID-19 Diagnostic Tests

Taxonomy Code: LF-4900.1565

Public health laboratories that conduct diagnostic testing for people who have symptoms of the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19. People who have been in close contact with someone with COVID-19 or are a resident in a community where there is ongoing spread of the virus and develop symptoms are being advised to call their health care provider and tell them about their symptoms and exposure, at which point a decision will be made as to whether they need to be tested. Patients who require a test will have a swab inserted through their nose to reach what is known as the nasopharyngeal region where cells are collected. If the patient is calm, the swabbing takes 10 seconds or so and is not painful. A jittery patient can make things more difficult. Once the sample is taken, it is put into a sterile container and sent to a lab where a chemical pulls the cells off the swab and turn the sample into a liquid form, which is put into a machine that makes multiple copies of the virus' RNA. The machine attempts to match the person's RNA with the coronavirus RNA to determine a positive or negative result.

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