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Communications Plan Development

Taxonomy Code: TP-6700.1400

Programs that help nonprofit organizations, small businesses and other groups develop a communications plan which defines and allows them to deliver clear, consistent messages to a wide variety of audiences including board members, professional colleagues, potential partners, potential donors and the community at large. Important elements of a communication plan include a definition of the audiences the organization is trying to reach, three to five key messages which will formulate the core of all communications activities, clear and simple communications goals (i.e., why they are communicating), communication strategies for each goal, communication tools (e.g., print materials, websites, and activities such as media relations, events and speaking engagements), and a realistic assessment of obstacles. Other activities include assignment of staff/board roles and responsibilities, completion of a competitive analysis of organizations vying for the attention of identified target audiences, production of an image and style guide, identification of recommendations for training, and development of evaluation measures to chart the effectiveness of communication efforts.

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