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Local History Programs

Taxonomy Code: TA-3000.4500

Programs that compile and share information about the communities in which we live, whether towns, rural or suburban areas, neighborhoods or entire cities, and the evolution of the locale's people, institutions, events and other aspects of its history that have shaped its direction and make its present more accessible. Local history deals with the people and events we know best. It is often used as a way to gain a perspective on broader, national events, but it has a value in and of itself from a personal, family and community perspective. It involves the collection of books, maps, prints, illustrations and other materials relating to a particular locality, the cataloging and publication of documents preserved in local or national records which relate to a particular area and the stories told by people about life and events in times past. Although local history is often documented by historical societies or groups that form to preserve a local historic building or other historic site, many works are compiled by amateur historians working independently or archivists employed by various organizations. Local history information may also be shared in the form of documentary films, lecture series or educational courses.

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